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So you think you want to paint a chair ?

So you have a chair at home ... maybe more than one. It is a great shape, it is nice and solid and sturdy BUT it just doesn't fit in with your scheme any more !!!

I know ... let's give it a lick of paint you say ... I have seen them painted and they look great !

And let's face it, how hard can it be to slap a bit of paint on right ??

Well, yeah ... all of that is true I guess but before you start I thought you may like a few little tips from yours truly :)

This is NOT a 'HOW TO PAINT A CHAIR ' blog but more a little list of things that will help you if you decide to undertake the task, whatever paint and finish you have decided upon.

So, here we go

1. If at all possible lift the chairs up to eye level onto a suitably protected surface ... your back will thank you, I promise

2. Ensure that you can either move freely around all four sides of the surface or if that is not possible that you are able to lift and move the chairs easily and frequently

3. Do NOT attempt to paint the chair in one go but treat it more as two parts .. the top consisting of the back and upper part of seat and the bottom consisting of the legs and any supports ( and of course not forgetting the underside of the seat

4. When painting move around the chair regularly to ensure you have covered every last spot ( this is especially true when painting spindles)

5. Always make sure that there is some part of the chair that is free of wet paint to enable you to lift and move .. especially if you can't get around all four sides freely

6. When you think you have finished ... check all round again for any missed spots, paint runs or paint build up at edges and brush these out before the paint dries

7. If you find that you have paint runs or build up that you can't brush out ... DON'T PANIC ... just let it dry completely then sand smooth before applying next coat

8. Several thin coats are ALWAYS better than one thick coat


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